Wendy Louise Gerhardt Shares Journey in Reprogramming Her Subconscious to Impact Lives

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readOct 29, 2020


36-year-old meditation guru and transformational speaker Wendy Louise Gerhardt believes that if a strategy is not working, it’s a person’s mindset that needs reconditioning. One can’t always blame discontent and unfulfillment on external factors. For years, Wendy felt dissatisfied while living the “traditional” life she was conditioned to strive for. It took years before she finally said enough is enough.

Wendy combines her unique meditation techniques with science-based transformation systems. “I combine spirituality, energy work, and science into my practice and teaching,” said Wendy. “I use meditation as the main modality for removing limiting beliefs and mindset blocks,” she added. Meditation is one of the most recognized ways to unlock one’s maximum potential. In this sense, Wendy’s signature Soul Simple Breakthrough has been pivotal to the success of many spiritually curious individuals, from digital entrepreneurs to stay-at-home moms.

Asked what motivated her to build her brand, Wendy said she found her calling to help others remove their roadblock. Wendy went through many adversities before she made her company. Her teachings are realistic and tangible because she has been in the shoes of her clients today.

At an early age, Wendy realized the value of hard work from her parents. Her mother was a thriving self-taught entrepreneur who instilled in her the importance of money and the know-how of running both a business and a household simultaneously. Still, Wendy saw how her mother struggled each time a client would complain and witnessed how she seemed to be caught in an endless pursuit for money. “She often reminded me that life is hard. Business is hard. Making money is hard,” shared Wendy.

On the other hand, Wendy’s father was in the military. He was often away on missions, but Wendy shared that she would engage in valuable conversations with him about choosing a career whenever her father was home. “You have to work hard for what you get. It’s not about having fun, it’s about doing it right. College is the only way to get ahead,” Wendy remembers her father said.

Soon enough, her parents’ beliefs became her belief. Wendy searched for something to fill the void within herself by following the “traditional” career path. It wasn’t long before she realized that her pursuit was not done out of passion but for money. She believed her parents when they said that happiness is not as important as earning a living. But there was a spark within her that wanted to rebel.

Wendy went from one city to another, from one career to the next, in hopes of finding the right answer, but she never did. The frustration of feeling stuck, unworthy, and depressed made her question every decision and belief. In 2018, after two years of unsuccessfully building a business, balancing a full-time career and a family she struggled to find enough time and energy. The stress began manifesting in her body, mentally and physically.

That was when Wendy decided that she’s had enough. And so, she fearlessly pursued her own transformation. She dove head deep into spirituality, and deep emotional exercises. What made the most impact though was her use of daily meditation to reprogram her subconscious mind. “For the first time, I felt whole. I no longer felt that void in my life or felt the need to chase something out there,” said Wendy. She knew she had to share what she had discovered with others. She re-launched her business, Higher Vibe Collective, focused on mindset transformation for entrepreneurs,. Today, her brand reaps multiple six figures a year, has grown a following of 35,000 plus on Instagram, and has helped to transform thousands of lives across the world.

Wendy is currently enjoying life traveling across Bali, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and Central America with her husband Geoff and their two kids Chelsea and Cameron.

Learn more about Wendy Louise Gerhardt on her website and Instagram.