Visionary Filmmaker Mark Worch Shows Adverse Impact of Social Media Overuse Through Documentary #UNFOLLOW Movie

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readOct 24, 2022

The advent of social media has undoubtedly brought about several positive changes in society. These platforms have made it possible for important news and information to be instantly shared worldwide. But, like most innovations, it also comes with pitfalls. One of the most pressing areas of concern involving social media is its addictive nature which heavily affects people’s ability to function properly.

Cognizant of this, talented filmmaker Mark Worch has created #UNFOLLOW Movie, which chronicles the director’s journey as he goes on a social media cleanse in a quest to purify his mind, body, and soul. On top of that, the film provides a much-needed deep-dive into the adverse and severe impact social media has on the community.

What motivated the visionary to create such an eye-opening creation was his personal experience and struggles with social media. The documentary was three years in the making and features various personalities, including social media influencers, Hollywood actors, and health professionals, as they talk about the cultural shift in relationships and social media.

#UNFOLLOW Movie is a labor of love and Mark’s passion project. The dedicated creative was primarily responsible for most tasks needed to bring the masterpiece to fruition, including the funding. “The film was entirely self-funded. The biggest challenge was being in charge of everything, from filming, audio, post-production and performing all of the interviews on my own,” the director proudly shared.

He added, “I also performed all of the castings for the film on my own. I would reach out to influencers on social media and ask them to be in the film. From there, I was able to access their personal networks and get talent to be in the film.”

But no man is an island, as they say, so Mark put together a dynamic team that helped with the movie’s finishing touches. Jarrad Noah handled color grading and sound effects, while a fantastic animation company from Puebla, Mexico, created the storytelling animation seen in the film.

Despite the immense pressure that comes with being an independent filmmaker, the inspiring man had fun with the experience. He shared, “One of the aspects I enjoyed the most during production was all the street interviews I did. I was shocked how quickly people were willing to open up about their personal struggles with social media.”

#UNFOLLOW Movie premiered on September 28 and is still available for streaming on YouTube. It has already received stellar reviews from audiences, many of whom agree with the film’s message on the dangers of social media and the impressive benefits of going through a social media cleanse.

Not only that, but people have left high praise for Mark’s incredible eye for detail and storytelling prowess. But what many of them do not know is that his filmmaking prowess is an innate gift. Before pursuing a career as a writer and director, the remarkable man did not have any background in film. Nevertheless, he has shown that he has what it takes to deliver excellent films with substance.

Moving forward, the filmmaker intends to continue using his talents and bring to light other critical social issues that affect the world. Currently, he is in the research phase of his second documentary project. He also hopes to connect with individuals who share his vision and can help fund the upcoming project. But, for now, film enthusiasts and social media lovers should check out #UNFOLLOW Movie on YouTube.