Upcoming Project Space Shibas Prepares to Beam Up Into the NFT Space and Our Hearts

The internet has been the source of many people’s entertainment, from funny YouTube videos to Vines and meme pages like 9gag. The thousands of content poured into those platforms have slowly been integrated into today’s pop culture, finding their ways into major brands’ advertisements and even lines in movies. Memes have also played a significant role in the cryptocurrency space, spawning the likes of Dogecoins and Deeznuts. With the rise of non-fungible tokens or NFTs, it was only a matter of time before they started breaking into the NFT scene.

NFTs were developed in the same space as cryptocurrencies, but it was only in 2021 that they gained more popularity. With content ranging from illustrations to music and even social media posts, hundreds of projects started to launch. As new projects started pouring in, it was only a matter of time before a group developed meme-based NFTs. Space Shibas is an upcoming project that has decided to capitalize on the world’s most beloved canine in the past decade.

The project is designed to pique the interests of NFT collectors, art lovers, and dog lovers. Additionally, holders of Dogecoin who have expressed a curiosity toward NFTs can find their first NFT collection in the digital Shiba.

Space Shibas is a creative commons or CC0 project, granting holders free rein to do anything they want with their Shiba due to their copyright-free nature. The NFT is a collection of 2D pixelated illustrations that showcase various designs of the Shiba. Space Shibas was inspired by the success of another meme-based NFT project, Rare Pepes. Seeing how successful the project was, devs Jason Rosenstein and Joseph Fiscella, with artist KT Shiba, decided to take the same journey with the Shiba meme.

The NFT project will be operating as a community curated DAO to develop a brand new meme economy based on the viral dog. When all the Space Shibas are minted, the NFT will accrue $SPACEBONES at a rate of one $SPACEBONE daily. Holders will be required to burn their $SPACEBONES to have their original SpaceShibas card accepted for the community playing card game. The top 25 holders will then act as the governing body to ensure a consistent and authentic collection. The first seven community curated Shiba trading card game NFTs were airdropped to all holders, launching the Space Shibas marketplace with a variety of high-quality merchandise for all Shiba purveyors.

Space Shibas also have a unique story that helps set it apart from other projects. The creators developed a lore that says 10,000 Shibas have wandered off and gotten lost in the vast expanse of the universe, and the only way to bring them home is by minting them, as each mint has the capacity to beam down 10 Space Shibas at a time.

The Space Shibas team is optimistic about the project, and they are already looking to build a large community that can appreciate their art and their Shibas. They hope to build an ecosystem that can allow people to create their own art and share them with the community.

Learn more about Space Shibas by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Instagram and Twitter or joining their Discord channel.



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