Upcoming NFT Project Eternal Utopia Advocating for Art and Community

A lot of people think that crypto ventures like NFT collections are only good as a short-term investment. However, an extraordinary project aims to challenge this very notion by creating a solid long-term plan that promotes growth and stability — Eternal Utopia.

The promising NFT art collection will be the first one from H & J Innovations, a fresh brand from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The goal of the budding enterprise is to establish a well-built company that works long-term for its NFT communities. It was created not only to design and develop on-chain branded experiences for fans to buy, collect, and re-sell NFTs but also to shift the public’s perception of NFTs.

With visionary leaders at the helm, Eternal Utopia is shaping to be a future-proof venture, one that token holders can enjoy for a long time. The collection contains 10,000 randomly generated artwork on the Ethereum blockchain. Each design features human-like characters who live on alternative planet earth and belong to one of 11 different utopian races.

What makes the project stand out is its commitment to the artistic process and development. Because of this, every piece on Eternal Utopia is meticulously hand-sketched, and the artist uses a different color palette and shading group. In addition, included in its roadmap is an upcoming collaboration with GGA Gallery and Eden Fine Art Gallery, two of the best fine art galleries in the world.

Aside from that, the groundbreaking brand will be merging the NFT market with the fashion industry by allowing its token holders to mint an NFT digital art and have an opportunity to win a customized designer apparel made by renowned designer Etai Drori.

But of course, the venture remains faithful to its primary mission of cultivating a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals looking to scale their NFT investments. As the collection gains traction, numerous giveaways and promos will be awarded to token holders as a gesture of appreciation. On top of that, the remarkable project is setting aside a percentage of the primary, secondary, and merch sales to be donated to a charity that the community chooses.

Evidently, Eternal Utopia is an outstanding NFT collection that has the potential to elevate the crypto industry as a whole. As its creators proudly shared, “Here we found the opportunity to make things happen and inspire others to chase their dreams while creating valuable pieces and a community as no other seen before in the metaverse. We don’t know each other’s identity, yet we are connected by a common denominator, our passion for art and crypto. Eternal Utopia’s mission is to create a community that gets to impact the metaverse and real-world through teamwork, artworks, and crypto.”

Interested parties, NFT enthusiasts and crypto lovers should look out for its presale on December 8, at 6:00 PM EST.

Find out more information about Eternal Utopia™ by visiting its website, Twitter, and Discord. More information about the collection can also be found here.

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