Travel Expert Bijoy Shah Talks About His Trips Around the World and His Passion for Globe-Trotting

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readJun 11, 2022

One thing that has remained constant over the years is people’s inclination towards traveling or their longing to see more of the world they live in. As a matter of fact, history would show that it has always been part of human nature to explore and discover more places across the globe. Today’s publications and digital platforms are replete with travel-related content and tips that would come in handy if one goes on a trip. A travel enthusiast that has been making significant waves online is Bijoy Shah, an Indianapolis-based gourmand with a taste for adventure.

As someone who has always been passionate about traveling, Bijoy Shah embarked on a lifelong journey wherein he would share his travels with others and inspire them to go on their own adventures. Currently, he is hosting an online blog where he talks about his favorite destinations and other places he has been to. His blog also serves as a tool to connect with his readers and chat with them. On top of that, he also teaches his audience different ways to level up their travel experience and turn it into the most memorable moments in their life.

Aside from being a travel expert and advisor, Bijoy Shah has also led an impactful life as a former business and hospitality consultant, hotel operator, and painter. With his visionary flair and creative prowess, he decided to translate his passion for travel into a career he could do for a lifetime. “After years of working in different industries and learning a myriad of things, I started to look for my passion. I’ve always loved travel and planning travel, so it felt like a natural fit,” he revealed.

Currently, Bijoy Shah is operating a modern and luxury travel service. His partnerships have poised him squarely in the luxury space, although he is already highly capable of planning at every level and for every occasion. In fact, he has planned girls’ trips, honeymoons, luxury shopping trips, destination birthday parties, and so much more.

“I love to wander and explore new places–taking in every bit of the scenery, culture and food — all while ensuring that I have a comfortable place to stay every night to recharge,” Bijoy Shah shared when asked about his travel style and how he sustains such a highly adventurous lifestyle.

According to the travel advisor, it has always been his dream to go around the world and have the privilege of sharing his memorable and precious experiences with those who want to do the same. “The client that will get the most value from me will be the client who wishes to stay in finer hotels and is not averse to trying new things or staying in new concepts in hospitality,” he further explained. “I want people to know that their dream vacation is in reach, possibly closer than they previously imagined.”

As a dedicated travel advisor with both travel experience and hotel operation experience, Bijoy Shah provides a unique and transparent approach to planning. In the years to come, he intends to continue sharing travel-related content while also elevating his own experience.