The world’s tenth-most connected Sports Agent: Sal Jobe

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Meet Sal Jobe, an actor turned sports agent, but not your average by any means. A very skilful and articulate individual who at the tender age of 30 has closed, negotiated and brokered numerous deals in the millions, in the Agent world he’s known for “being a ghost” or moving in silence but that being said we can’t Ignore his avid work rate. From football to boxing and a love for the fine arts Sal Jobe is unique in his sales approach. Born and raised in East London, where many a fist fight seemingly catapulted him into various situations many wouldn’t survive, and now, one of the world’s most connected sport’s agents.

A man with serious life changing contacts, from president’s in Africa and members of parliament in the Uk, to some of the biggest and best athletes brands and networks we know today. It’s not at all a mistake being a man that is able to have access to a president on demand, but these are the perks of working smart not just working hard. We asked the man himself how he has managed to reach his current position and he states “ when I go to football clubs they know we aren’t friends, I come to get the most out of them for a client, but they know the clients I bring are second to none so they’re willing to meet demands, it’s sometimes a game of chess but I play as though I have all the time in the world knowing they don’t, this I apply to most aspects”

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