The Wacky Worm City NFT Finally Announces Its Official Launch Date

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readNov 10, 2021

The NFT market has been rapidly surging in popularity, and with the fever pitch of interest comes the logistical problem for artists and developers to find a niche market. With various tokens coming out of the woodwork, it has become increasingly difficult to diversify an NFT and set it apart from the rest. Worm City is a stark exception to this fact, with the team creating stylized digital art pieces with various innovations to the NFT space.

Worm City offers a collection of 11,093 characters with over 4,343+ attributes uniquely combined to meet the rarest algorithm ratios in the NFT world together with 18 animated characters. This distinction alone makes the wacky NFT far superior to other variants in the market. The highly anticipated project has officially announced that it will be launching on November 10, 2021, to the delight of investors all over the world.

Worm City is a cut above the rest. The collection boasts a series of sleek, stylized animated art pieces that represent the utopian city of Wormshington, one of the most fascinating modern cities in North Wormerica. The art style of the project is reminiscent of the popular TV show Rick and Morty, with the developers paying homage to the wacky science fiction antics of the show.

Holders of the Worm City token will find themselves enjoying a long-term investment that promises massive potential valuation in the days ahead. The NFT is meant to be more of a long-term investment as opposed to short-term scalping and intraday strategies. With only 11,111 pixel-perfect worms available to be minted, each unique NFT character tells a story interwoven with the iconic history of Wormshington, a city that stands as a shining example of hard-working worms and institutions providing the best quality of life for its citizens. However, beneath the city’s illusion of perfection is the daily struggles of its citizens.

Worm City’s deep lore will surely captivate investors as the team has passionately worked hours on end to deliver a satisfying NFT experience filled with layers of realism, cynicism, and the occasional socio-political disputes of North Wormerica. The story begins with James Bullworm, a crypto trader residing in Central Queens District, on a job hunt to cover his debts after his short trades on ETH acquired with funds from investors yielded no profit and his ex-girlfriend Doctor Penny. In trouble with law enforcement on charges of embezzlement, James’ case is presented before Judge Davis, also Penny’s father, James’ ex-girlfriend.

The story is meant to be discovered with each character introduced, which means each token builds upon the entire storytelling aspect of the project. Worm City is soon to hit the cryptocurrency market and will sell for 0.08ETH on its official website. To mint, holders can connect their wallet to the website to swap Ethereum for the Worm. Each wallet holder will be able to mint a maximum of 30 (out of 11,111) items per transaction, with multiple wallets that can be used to mint more worms and access the rarest NFTs in all of Wormshington. Wormshington devs are also developing a system that rewards holders that hold many worms on their wallets: for example, 10 common worms give you a 10% discount on marketplace and higher APY for staking.

There will be many more surprises to come for Worm City holders, and their website has a detailed roadmap for the journey ahead. The upcoming launch marks the beginning of an entirely new NFT experience, and investors should look ahead so they can jump in and enjoy the ride.

To learn more about Worm City, make sure to check out the project’s official website. Hop on the Discord channel and follow the project’s Twitter and Instagram, TikTok and Medium for more live updates.