The Poet Andrew Practices Activism Through His Music

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Andrew Carson is a New York City-based independent artist. Although originally born in Texas, he grew up competing in poetry competitions as early as thirteen. Through his deep passion for creativity, artistry, and language, he found a love for performance, known by his stage name, The Poet Andrew. His music is a mix of different genres and styles, from alternative pop to classic hip-hop, which gives him that unique edge. The Poet Andrew is a rapper, singer, and producer who believes music should always aim to pass a message and have a meaning behind it, and because of this, he has used his music and platform for activism.

In “Hold Faith,” a 2019 single he produced himself, he tried to create and bring awareness and raise money to help with the legislation of Transgender equality. And this year, even though there was a pandemic, he still managed to release an EP titled “Stargazer.” For The Poet Andrew, his art is considered a gateway to the mind and understanding. And since music is a universal language, he tries to connect the world with his message through his creative expression and dope beats mixed with his soulful and resonant voice.

He describes his artistry as unique because he is an independent rapper and singer responsible for producing all his works. He has also been able to break into the digital streaming market and feature his music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and VEVO, etc., all from his apartment in Queens. Also, being able to release an EP despite the pandemic and a music video while the country was on lockdown and everyone in quarantine makes the Poet Andrew believe that his story is a unique story about artistry and triumph. Especially considering how despite being a new artist and coupled with the pandemic, he could make music and take the industry by storm and hopefully bring people together through the message his music contains.

He states, “I am looking to bring more people into my world of music.” The writing, composition, recording, mixing, and mastering of his songs are all done by him, which is why he believes his music is inherently unique because it does not necessarily fit a specific mold. He says the idea of crossing genres and taking samples from a different style of music is what drives him every time he is recording, and he believes as a musician, making music doesn’t have to put or restrict the artist to a box. “What makes my sound different is that it is something that can only be made by me.” He concluded.

To know more about The Poet Andrew, check out his website.

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