The Goat Society NFT is the only project pushing for Personal Growth and Development in the Metaverse

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readJun 10, 2022

Non-fungible tokens have not slowed down since they’ve become the next big thing in the digital world. These digital innovations have promised immense benefits, sentimental value, and eye-catching designs. While many NFT projects are primarily focused on thriving in the Metaverse, a new collection, The Goat Society NFT, focuses on building a strong network that extends its utility beyond the space.

This unique collection of 10,000 NFTs and a world-class GOATs (Greatest Of All Time) community aspires to connect, educate, uplift, and support every member of its community within and outside the Metaverse. The GOAT Society is an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum network consisting of 9,000 randomly generated GOATS and 1,000 uniquely hand-drawn GOATS. These tokens provide access to an elite group of investors from various backgrounds who make up the heart of GOATs.

Personal growth for community members is The GOAT Society’s primary goal. Thus, the project offers its members the resources they need to succeed in all aspects of their lives, whether mentally, physically, technologically, or financially. With a 1–1 token staking system (tokens earned enable holders to customise their NFTs, provides access to NFT Variants, and more), audio interviews with well-known public figures, two play-2-earn games, and a community-built Metaverse in NFT worlds, holders are promised a wide range of utilities and perks. Other perks that come with being a herd member of The GOAT Society include access to conferences and other major events. Plus, holders get access to their newly announced “GOATCon”. The gathering will host notable, highly influential people, businesses, and projects for the purpose of networking and providing substantial value to TGS holders, and to throw large scale parties that rival veteran NFT brands’.

The GOAT Society NFT was founded by the CEO Ali Haseeb, digital artist Shawn Virani, and financial expert Brian Chastain, nicknamed BlockchainBuddha, 4Fun, and Visual Dope, respectively. “We’re committed to our principles of being of great service to humanity. Our calling is to assist people in becoming their greatest selves, the “Greatest of All Time,” and The GOAT Society is the vehicle that enables us to do so effectively.” co-founder Ali Haseeb stated. With community members of like-mind, The GOAT Society’s unconventional approach to personal development is sure to redefine Metaverse standards.

Again, the team emphasises building a community of people who share common interests in growth and development. Ali Haseeb said: “Having a network of friends who are growing with you makes development much easier, as you’ll always have someone who understands your process and journey and can help you grow.”

As The GOAT Society NFT continues to build a community of people focused on growth, the project’s founders are equally working round the clock to achieve all the milestones in its roadmap. Some milestones accomplished include partnering with Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Foundation, releasing its physical trading cards, new merchandise, and creating canvases of The GOAT Society NFT artwork.

With more to achieve and value to deliver, The GOAT Society NFT hopes to instill the growth and development mindset in as many people as possible. 30,000 people have been locked in the project’s range via its Discord server, and with more valuable offerings set to roll out soon, more people are expected to join the project.

It’s clear that The GOAT Society will be a major contender in the Web 3 space in the long run, and it is in the best interest for new investors, and projects, to take notes of the new standard set by this go-getting team.