SolSand Offering a World of Endless Possibilities as an NFT

There has been a massive shift in how people experience the digital world with the proliferation of Blockchain technology and the creation of the Metaverse where different digital projects can thrive. SolSand NFT is the latest NFT project set to enter the Metaverse to give people value for their investment in the virtual world.

SolSand is more than just digital art. The creators shared, “We don’t create. We are creation itself.” With the goal of shaping people’s world and giving them a better digital offer, SolSand NFT operates on the concept of owning land in a virtual world. For every holder of the token, a plot of land is allocated to them.

SolSand also taps into people’s desire to make passive income, and the creators have positioned the NFTs to do just that. An in-game currency, $VERSE, will be airdropped to all holders based on rarity and time held. Up until the supply gets to 70%, holders can earn passive income. There is also an exclusive club called the “Crystal List” for verified holders of SolSand to join and benefit from special releases and NFT projects.

The creators describe the SolSand project as a ticket to endless possibilities in the digital world. They aim to not only connect with cryptocurrency and NFT investors but also landowners in Decentraland and other Metaverses.

The creators also shared, “We are building a metaverse on the Solana Blockchain that will incorporate play to earn gaming. So we would also be targeting online gamers, especially those who enjoy metaverse gaming and play to earn. Our project will provide land ownership in the Solanaverse and passive income earning potential through our native SPL token currency.”

The potential long-term utility of the project is the major thing that SolSand’s creators made sure they put in place. “One of the things that make our NFT unique is that this is only the beginning. We plan to launch a full augmented reality metaverse that will take the early two-dimensional art and transform it into an evolutionary three-dimensional interactive world,” the creators said.

SolSand NFT will be available for minting on December 22, 2021.

Learn more about SolSand NFT by visiting the project’s official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Instagram and Twitter or joining the project’s Telegram group and Discord server.




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