Six-Figure Entrepreneur Braxton Baldasare Shares His Proven System for Scaling Ventures

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readDec 16, 2020

Lead generation lies as one of the integral keys to the growth of a business. On paper, attracting interest to the business’s products and services sounds simple and easy to implement, especially because of the advent of technology and the rise of web-based platforms. For the most part, it is.

But for a venture to truly soar and make a mark in the industry, it needs to convert those leads into customers whose interest will contribute to the achievement of financial results. Entrepreneurs facing challenges in this particular area can come under the wing of Braxton Baldasare, a marketing expert known for providing people with the tools and strategies to scale their enterprises.

This 20-year-old authority in business growth made his entry to the industry at the age of sixteen. Before that, he saw his parents struggle with getting clients and generating profit. When he delved into entrepreneurship himself, Braxton Baldasare tried different channels, such as Facebook ads, cold calling, and direct mail, to name a few. In all of these efforts, he realized that turning any traffic into money is hard work.

Today, in recognition of the importance of the right knowledge and tools in building a successful venture, Braxton Baldasare has taken on the mission to help local businesses in Orlando, Florida. Directing entrepreneurs who want to increase their profit toward the most appropriate web-based platforms, this widely acknowledged resource person has made six figures by guiding small enterprises.

His proven system for attracting leads and converting them into sales specifically for brick-and-mortar businesses and local services has cemented Braxton’s reputation in the industry. He takes credit for enabling the commercial triumphs of countless initiatives. This respected figure who has worked with national clients like Nike boasts methodologies guaranteed to increase the number of paying customers and decrease the instances of no shows.

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Braxton Baldasare rose to prominence even further because of his strategic response to the amount of no shows experienced by the clients, which considerably increased because of the pandemic’s economic impact. Currently, he is implementing more advanced methods to overcoming this debilitating issue.

In the future, Braxton Baldasare is bound to refine his strategies and develop more techniques in translating cold leads to paying customers. He plans to utilize currently hot and on-the-rise platforms in reeling in the market, believing that social media and digital channels will remain powerful weapons in the highly competitive and daunting commercial space. Furthermore, he is committed to sharing his knowledge of Internet marketing with clients.

Additionally, fueled by the love of watching people grow their small businesses, Braxton Baldasare will continue serving as a pillar of support and a source of instrumental information while expanding his influence to different parts of the country. He aims to build a community of passionate and highly successful small business owners, as well. The establishment of this group is intended not only to inspire excellence but also to foster collaborations, partnerships, and growth.

Know more about Braxton Baldasare by visiting his website.