Renowned Author and Human Optimization Coach Kevin Aventura Helps Entrepreneurs Surpass their Human Limits

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readOct 5, 2022

The complexities of the human body have been studied since time immemorial. Countless breakthroughs have been made in our search for human optimization, and Kevin Aventura stands at the forefront of these discoveries. As an author, entrepreneur, and human optimization coach, Kevin has made great strides in the search for answers leading him to establish the NeoHacker community, an online resource where he shares evidence-based research on biohacking, debunks health misinformation, and empowers others to achieve their health and performance goals.

Growing up, Kevin Aventura was greatly hindered by his less-than-optimal health. At first, he felt like he couldn’t maximize his full potential, constantly hitting a wall and reaching his absolute limit no matter what he did. Thus, in order to surpass his human limits, he strived to obtain a physical therapy degree going above and beyond to pursue further studies in naturopathy and high-performance coaching.

By devoting his time and effort to learning as much as he can, Kevin Aventura has amassed valuable insights that have allowed him to uncover our superhuman capabilities. He firmly believes that everyone deserves to possess this knowledge, and NeoHacker is one of his many ways to spread his positive message. Unbeknownst to many people, the most detrimental aspect of achieving business success is brain fog and low energy.

As humans, our mind and body are the most powerful success-building tools we have at our disposal. In line with this, Kevin Aventura has authored a book about optimizing the human condition through diet and lifestyle changes. He utilizes these very concepts to help entrepreneurs achieve high performance and ultimately elevate their businesses through his coaching.

Their physiology is not letting them keep up with their business growth. Research shows that the lifestyle followed by entrepreneurs puts them at higher risk of developing physical, cognitive and performance issues. Evidence also suggests that entrepreneurs are more at risk of burnout than most professionals.

Most successful entrepreneurs have utilized these tactics to build their empires, always putting their physiological performance first above all else. Aspiring entrepreneurs often fall prey to high levels of stress which hinders their ability to function, leading to negative psychological, physical and behavioral impacts. Overall, these issues pile up and cause poor performance in terms of attention, decision-making, and memory.

This leads to a phenomenon that Kevin Aventura coins as Physiological Performance Insufficiency. Fortunately, all of this can be reversed by adopting certain diet and lifestyle changes. Kevin Aventura works with entrepreneurs to address their performance issues in a holistic way. By combining physiological optimization and productivity hacking, he helps entrepreneurs regain mental clarity, elevate their energy levels, and achieve the peak performance needed to take the business to the next level.

There is no one else that offers optimal mental performance that works on a biological level. Kevin Aventura is an expert at elevating his clients’ habits and mindsets, allowing them to surpass their own self-established limits. “There is no point in introducing new habits, routines, and work planning tools if the entrepreneur’s biology is not optimized to deal with these changes. We do that, and then we introduce the ‘traditional’ lifestyle and performance optimization component,” explained Kevin.

Apart from his success as a human optimization coach, Kevin Aventura is also passionate about traveling and photography, having created content for several renowned brands on his social media channels. Ultimately, the firebrand individual holds the key to success for many entrepreneurs. As he further grows his platform and influence, he is bound to amass success for himself and many satisfied clients along the way.