Remarkable 14-Year-Old CEO Frank Bernal

The digital age has made information readily accessible to the public with the help of the internet and social media sites. In fact, most, if not all, utilize them on a daily basis, including children and teenagers. While many choose to use these resources for entertainment and as a hobby, one insightful young man has put these assets to good use by creating a profitable brand: Frank Bernal.

The 14-year-old runs a thriving venture based in Miami, Florida. His entrepreneurial journey started when he was only 12, earning money from video games. From there, he explored the many facets of the virtual sphere.

He decided to get into website design assignments, wherein he was able to build revenue and finally establish himself as an entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he has closed several deals worth thousands for various individuals and businesses.

Despite his youth, the accomplished business owner knows the importance of sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. This remarkable perspective is proof of the exceptional values and philosophies he possesses, which were instrumental in scaling his success.

Motivated by his passion for helping, Frank Bernal has started venturing into the coaching industry. Inspired by his struggles, triumphs, and firsthand experiences as an entrepreneur, he has created an outstanding mentorship program that aims to make a difference in others’ lives.

The incredible teen hopes that he can inspire his fellow youth to start working on their future through this initiative. His goal is to motivate young entrepreneurs like himself to start early and encourage them to cultivate an excellent work ethic.

As he insightfully said, “Always remember that you can do it. To succeed in life, you must work smart and work hard. Therefore, don’t look for shortcuts. Believe in yourself, your vision, passion, and motivation if you want to run a fruitful business.”

The visionary individual’s immense achievements are a testament that there is no single path to success. While others may assume that success comes with age and education, Frank Bernal has shown that these are not requirements.

By starting a business when he was only 12, he was able to create a steady revenue stream. This, in turn, helped him scale his success and reach the level of success that he currently has.

In the future, Frank Bernal plans to continue growing his empire. And as he does this, he remains steadfast in his goal to teach others, especially teenagers, to become accomplished entrepreneurs and highly successful business owners.




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