Reed Advisory Group is Bringing the Best Savings Solutions to Businesses, Health Facilities, Organizations and More

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When it comes to managing and growing a business, some of the most crucial things to ensure are reducing expenses and an increase in revenue to make the business operations better and, overall, more successful. However, with the global economic recession at hand, finding the right cost-saving measures becomes a daunting task as costs in almost all industries are continuously rising. With all this in mind, Reed Advisory Group, along with its founder Kevin Reed, seeks to bridge the gap by bringing in the best savings solutions for businesses, municipalities, school districts, non-profit organizations, and more.

Reed Advisory Group is a business-to-business consulting company that seeks to provide savings solutions designed to decrease business and organizational expenses. The company was founded by Kevin Reed to respond to the growing demands of the business industry today. After spending 27 years spearheading the pharmaceutical field, he has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in growing sales while controlling expenses to improve bottom-line profitability. Throughout his career, he has led pharmacies and provided operational support to many of them. Today, he hopes to bring his success from the pharmaceutical arena to the business landscape.

The company is committed to helping the clients save in over 20 different expense categories. To make this possible, Kevin Reed takes the lead in forming strategic partnerships with multi-billion dollar solution providers. Through these collaborations, Reed Advisory Group successfully provides expense reduction and recovery services to its clients. The solutions work for all types of businesses, most especially healthcare facilities, pharmacies, school districts, manufacturers, retailers, and even non-profit organizations.

With services ranging from reducing shipping costs by 15% to 25%, wireless service audits, waste audits, worker’s compensation audits, virtual card deployment for accounts payables, and more, Reed Advisory Group provides these solutions without any risk. This savings hub does not charge for their analysis, and there is no obligation on the part of the prospective client. All services are fee contingent. Thus, if the team does not recover any overages or reduce any expenses, there is no fee as well.

For Kevin Reed, what sets them apart from the rest is the personal attention that Reed Advisory Group gives every client. In fact, nearly 100% of all clients can expect a significant reduction in their expenses. “We take the time to learn about your business and what the specific pain points are,” he says. From this, the team utilizes its connections with industry leaders in identifying areas where the clients can recover overpayments and meet opportunities for continued savings in the future. “Our commitment to helping others is what drives us each and every day. It is the motivating factor for our business. Our business can be as flexible as our clients need it to be,” expresses the founder. Whether through a meeting in person or a 15-minute phone call, the team provides comprehensive savings solutions to meet the clients’ goals and needs.

More than just taking the role of a consultant and service provider for various businesses and organizations, Reed Advisory Group possesses a greater vision for the company and its clients. With this in mind, the team prioritizes establishing long-term relationships with every client to fulfill its aim of improving the overall well-being of these businesses not only today but also tomorrow.

Learn more about Reed Advisory Group and its services by visiting its official website, and use the contact form on the site to schedule a call.

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