Purplegator on Adapting to the Digital Age, Going Beyond, and Achieving Success

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readJun 25, 2021


The advent of the digital space has transformed the commercial space in innumerable ways. Gone are the days where telephones were the most cutting-edge means of marketing and communications, paving the way for more creative and robust modes of boosting one’s visibility throughout the world. From Google ads to geo-targeting on mobile devices, technology has certainly affected and revolutionized the way people materialize their entrepreneurial visions into reality. By capitalizing on modernization, Purplegator stands out as one of the most promising digital marketing agencies across the industry.

Purplegator has exceeded expectations by consistently transforming its ways to adapt to the times. From utilizing telephone lines to taking advantage of the most powerful resource to date, the internet has seamlessly established a name across a highly cutthroat trade. As an enterprise that is driven by determination and passion for helping others grow and succeed, Purplegator is bound to set the bar high, distinguishing itself from a sea of competitors and rising above.

Passionately established by a changemaker rigged with an unparalleled zeal for helping enterprises thrive and get ahead, Purplegator is currently making waves across a highly cutthroat industry because of its brilliant marketing strategies and exceptionally dynamic techniques. From being an advanced telecom services company to becoming a digital marketing enterprise, this go-getting entity is indeed a powerhouse in the making.

Having evolved from providing landlines to offering mobile and internet-related marketing strategies, this multifaceted personality has continued to serve companies, brands, and media customers with the most exceptional services, slowly cementing a reputable stance across the trade. It has consistently evolved to fit into each decade, proving itself as a viable platform for superbly dynamic trades. As a result, Purplegator has not only won over 27 marketing and advertising awards, but it has also led the space, serving over nine billion impressions per day in 350 advertising networks.

Using automated and real-time bidding strategies, Purplegator maximizes its client’s exposure by not only ensuring the best possible marketing techniques served to them but also by guaranteeing the lowest possible price. More impressively, this emerging power player is an expert in geo-conquesting, enabling third-party data companies to provide device detection and location, matching various mobile phones to a particular place. In this way, it changes the game in mobile advertising, allowing effective marketing to certain groups of people.

“We look to always provide solutions that are strategic and well thought out,” Steven Czyrny, Business Development Manager, shared. “We never try to push certain products with set pricing. We take into account each company’s unique positioning and target audiences and formulate customized plans.”

In the coming years, Purplegator does not plan to slow down any time soon. As the digital era continues to advance, they are expected to spearhead a number of platforms that are designed to catalyze change across the industry, and leverage market research to guide tactics.

With its three decades’ worth of experience, Purplegator is bound to take the marketing industry up a notch. By continuing to transcend limitations and break barriers, this ever-dynamic entity plans to keep up and expand its services if necessary in order to see more enterprises rise above and go beyond.

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