Ondre Gipson a.k.a. Drizz Is Breaking Boundaries With His Entertainment and Lifestyle Company

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readMay 25, 2021

For most of his life, Ondre Gipson, better known for his moniker Drizz, has been hustling to succeed. The entrepreneur is the perfect representation of how the younger generation of business leaders are shaping various industries with fresh ideas and a perspective that does fit any mold. Drizz is the founder and CEO of True Hustler Entertainment, an entertainment and clothing company that aims to unite people from all walks of life.

Drizz was a promising artist in the entertainment industry, but his priorities changed after stumbling upon his mentors Will Duckery and Eril Leonard. The forcer is a successful entrepreneur in the Delaware area known as Will D. He is the owner of Fairways Inn and Will D Auto Connections in Smyrna, DE. On the other hand, the latter was also a business leader from Jersey who owns various ventures such as a barbershop, daycare center, trucking company, and studio. Seeing how the two powerhouses hustled to get to where they are today, Drizz became instantaneously inspired to do the same.

True Hustler Entertainment began when Drizz organized events while studying in college. The entrepreneur always envisioned creating something that would bring people together in a unique way. Once he saw how his events were doing just that, Drizz found an even deeper reason to strengthen his company further. In one of his events, Drizz sold t-shirts made in his friend’s basement the night before as promotional merchandise. His products quickly gained momentum, and it captivated customers with its simplistic yet tasteful designs.

In the winter, Drizz designed hoodies, sweatsuits, and other clothing items suited for the cold weather, thus expanding his product line. Eventually, everyone was wearing True Hustler Entertainment’s clothing, from executives to ordinary individuals. One thing that Drizz’s customers have in common is that they are living the “hustle” lifestyle, which the brand was created for. The founder shared that everyone has their own unique story to tell, making struggle a universal truth that everyone can relate to. “We want to bridge the gap and show the world we aren’t as different from each other as we may seem,” said Drizz.

True Hustler Entertainment appeals to those seeking both comfort and luxury in their products. The brand’s merchandise has been spotted in boardrooms just as much as they were seen in basketball courts. Drizz’s primary goal is to shatter norms and create something that overcomes the barriers of race, social status, and income.

“The problem most brands have is they sell themselves short. They put themselves in a box,” said Drizz. “We are diverse. We started in the entertainment industry, transitioned into luxury streetwear and merchandise, and now we are looking to expand in the home and living space with our ‘Kiss The Chef’ branch off,” the founder explained further. True Hustle Entertainment will soon carry its line of air fryers, pots and pans sets, and knife sets. The recent move is in line with the company’s vision to expand its brand identity and reach more customers without losing its unique touch.

Despite being a relatively young company, True Hustlers Entertainment has proven that it is here to stay for many years to come. “The goal is to serve as a stamp of approval in all walks of life. Once someone sees those two letters, TH, on your cufflinks, lab coats, blazers, t-shirts, sweatsuits, coffee mugs, etc., they know you mean business,” said Drizz.

To learn more about Drizz and True Hustlers Entertainment, visit its website.