On the Go: The Humble Beginnings of the Mind Behind GO-GETTER Co.

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22-year old Mikiah Azarcon seems to have it all. Mikiah is the founder and CEO of GO-GETTER Co., an e-commerce lifestyle brand based in Beverly Hills, CA, that primarily sells trackable wallets. He made his lauded trackable wallet brand a must-have right from its release. The game-changing GO Wallet took two long years of rigorous prototyping and countless hard decisions from the young entrepreneur.

Over three years ago, GO-GETTER Co.’s Mikiah Azarcon studied to become a doctor of physical therapy. It was not a dream of his, but it was in line with what was expected of him as a Filpino-American. As his heart wasn’t in it, Mikiah felt miserable and his grades barely hung on. Terrified of failure, the future CEO gave in to desperation and cheated.

On a final examination for chemistry, Mikiah was caught red-handed and was on the verge of being expelled from the esteemed Pepperdine University. He was given another chance, but the scare was enough to throw Mikiah off balance.

“At the time, I was unsatisfied with the current trajectory of my life and took that summer to reevaluate my future. I was 19 and had no clue what I wanted to do for a living, so I asked myself, ‘What excites me?’”

The answer to his question was content creation and the idea of starting his own company. At that moment, GO-GETTER Co. rose in the ashes of Mikiah’s plans of becoming a physical therapist. He decided to switch majors.

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Mikiah became a marketing student, made friends, learned about his craft, even investing free time into educating himself with information and entrepreneurship hacks from YouTube and Google. While he did love his new major and marketing classes, he felt that everything that he was learning in school was either outdated, surface-line material, or both. That’s when he started investing most of his time into self-educating himself outside of the classroom — performing research on Google, watching YouTube videos, reading business books and case studies of successful businesses, and simply consuming content online from some of his favorite entrepreneurs. Driven and giddy with his newfound dream, Mikiah could not get enough business content to satisfy him.

From there, it was a series of trial and error as he tried launching several e-commerce businesses without success. “I had to come to understand that failure is essential to the process and learned to keep a strong mindset and remain patient yet persistent,” the GO-GETTER Co. founder reveals.

He would not have to be patient for very long. A year after his disastrous chemistry final exam, Mikiah was shopping to buy a backpack for his upcoming junior year. While browsing, he noticed the wallets on display and suddenly thought about the one he had been using and how convenient it was for someone like him — someone always on the go.

It was then that the idea that fueled GO-GETTER Co. and the GO wallet was conceived. Mikiah was inspired. As a full-time student, he had to shuffle his priorities and put his dream on top. Without resources, capital finances, and time, Mikiah had to work hard and smart.

Being resourceful, Mikiah decided to start GO-GETTER Co. in the place most convenient to him: his dorm room. There, he spent late nights seeping into early mornings on the research and development of his brand. To fund his prototypes, Mikiah worked several jobs and often ate on the go. After two years of long days and endless research, the GO Wallet was ready.

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To say that GO-GETTER Co.’s first product release was a success would be an understatement. Within a month and a half from launch, GO Wallet had become a phenomenon, generating $90K in sales. Unlike other wallets, the GO Wallet brings an expandable, RFID-secure, slim wallet with the thinnest tracker card in existence, all in stunning modern design.

GO Wallet is made out of 6061-T6 space grade anodized RFID-blocking aluminum, solving problems such as losing a wallet, tearing and stretching out over time, getting hacked through modern RFID-skimming and theft, space capacity, and terrible, outdated designs. With its two different finishes, brushed or matte, and eight different colors, the GO Wallet is a statement piece amid the standard leather and canvas wallets.

At his young age, Mikiah and GO-GETTER Co. have a long, successful way to go. As the founder says, “Our story is still a blinking cursor line and every milestone contributes to it — with becoming fully funded on Kickstarter being our biggest one yet.”

Witness how GO-GETTER Co.’s CEO and founder changes the world with GO Wallet and upcoming projects. Visit and reach out to GO-GETTER Co. on its official website and Instagram account.

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