Nessa Dove: A Symbol of Hope and Empowerment in the Time of COVID-19

Through her music, Nessa Dove uses her voice to promote solidarity and hope in a time where social injustices have become more prevalent as the world faces unprecedented challenges. The multi-talented artist strongly calls on the world to unite, now more than ever, and remain hopeful amid the coronavirus crisis. She delivers this message across the globe through her latest hit single “Stay Strong.”

Nessa Dove is an East African musician who thrives in pop and urban music. She is a singer, songwriter, and music producer who creates her musical arrangements. She debuted in the music industry with a guitar in one hand and a raw yet sweet and unconventional sound in the other. Nessa gains traction in the creative riffs, licks, and solos she adds to each of her songs. To top it off, she incorporates deeply impactful lyrical contents that inspire listeners to reflect and take action where it is most needed.

As her way of helping the world cope with the challenges brought by the COVID-19, Nessa Dove uses her musical talent to come up with songs that instill hope for people coming from different walks in life. But more than that, the rising musician calls on her people to “break free from the fears and stigmas that divide and separate” the society.

Before the onset of the pandemic, Nessa Dove found herself in New York, pursuing her musical dream. She consistently produced music online and even performed in prestigious venues along the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and notable venues in Washington, DC, New York, and Baltimore.

Nessa Dove then decided to return home to spend the quarantine lockdown with her family. Inspired by the difficulties that the whole world is facing today, the talented musician turned to her passion for music and ended up creating a song that would, later on, spark a significant movement in the community. She established a home recording studio and collaborated with other artists who were eager to lend their voices for an uplifting and inspirational song that Nessa was working on.

As a result of this endeavor, Nessa Dove produced “Stay Strong,” a track intended to spark hope in the listener’s mind. True enough, the musical masterpiece did its job and even went beyond its purpose as the song developed into a full-blown movement for support and solidarity against racial injustices and other social injustices amid the pandemic. The “Stay Strong Story Sunday” movement seeks to gather stories of people from different parts of the world on how they cope and stay hopeful during this pandemic or when they face their own personal crisis.

Today, “Stay Strong” has amassed more than 20,000 views on TikTok and its presence online continues to rise. Other songs by Nessa Dove, such as “Light it Up” and “Sugar Sugar,” have also been featured in press releases and other media publications. But her latest single has received the critical acclaim due to its impactful message to the world.

Indeed, Nessa Dove is breaking barriers not only in the music industry but also in society as a whole, as she bravely stands as a symbol of empowerment and hope in these trying times. The best part of it all is that others can be a part of the movement showing support. “Stay Strong” now has an apparel line where part of the proceeds are directly donated to support relevant causes and charities today.

To learn more about the Stay Strong movement, visit the official website and post your #StayStrongStories on social media tagging Nessa Dove for a chance to be reposted!




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