Meet Shiv Thakor, the Performance Coach Maximising the What, Why & How of Peak Performance to Deliver Extraordinary Results

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readMay 25, 2021

In any given industry, many established authorities and reputable coaches exist to guide aspirants and industry leaders towards achieving their goals and transforming them into reality. Some individuals rely on their ability to influence and change people’s paths, while others bank on their years of experience in harnessing their own potential, which has been proven to fit into the molds of success throughout the years. Although there are no hard-and-fast rules in attaining success, Shiv Thakor serves as a genuine attestation that scientifically backed methods and well-oiled strategies guarantee a journey filled with growth, positive transformation, victories, and greatness. For this reason, this emerging power player has managed to reach impressive heights by becoming one of the most sought-after coaches across several industries.

Widely acclaimed for his exceptional personal development techniques and thoughtful approaches, Shiv Thakor is a performance coach and consultant who is not afraid to go the extra mile in order to achieve success for his clients. His incredible track record speaks volumes of success-enabling paths and promising milestones, ultimately embodying his passion and perseverance towards his craft. As an individual who is highly committed to turning visions into reality, Shiv goes all-out to become an instrument of hope.

Shiv Thakor has made a name across the industry throughout his blossoming career, proving worthy of his reputable stance and boasting clients such as training & recovery titans, Pulseroll as well as notable Professional Sports Clubs to name but a few in addition to a plethora of highly successful individuals. As a former professional athlete, this power player focuses on strengthening talents, activating potential, and becoming the best, educating people on what they need to know in order to overcome insurmountable challenges, exceed boundaries, and achieve victories. Without a doubt, this powerhouse has emerged to help others thrive and get ahead.

Widely known for his ability to lead hopefuls and go-getters towards understanding their potential and help them carve success-enabling paths, this multi-talented personality has managed to transform people’s lives by providing clarity, strategy, and well-oiled execution. Unlike other coaches, Shiv Thakor utilizes a more direct and aggressive approach, brutally engaging honesty while providing outcomes-based solutions and scientifically backed techniques. Along with his long-held philosophy, it comes as no surprise how Shiv has become one of the most sought-after coaches across several industries.

Although this former professional athlete has formulated exceptional strategies that are scientifically proven to spark changes and propel development among individuals, the success of its methods heavily relies on Shiv Thakor’s unmatched drive to maximize potential and skills that are designed to push limits and achieve high goals. More impressively, his diligent efforts of putting people’s interests above all else have captured the attention of many established authorities, peers, and aspirants, cementing his reputation across a cutthroat space.

In the years to come, Shiv Thakor plans on stretching his horizons, helping more passion-driven aspirants, CEOs, leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals translate their goals into reality and achieve success, enabling them to introduce positive changes and inspire others across the world. Without a doubt, Shiv Thakor and his impressive array of abilities are bound to take the industry by storm with grace and finesse.

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