MC Luna Trine Starts New Journey in the Music Industry After Career as Photographer

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readOct 20, 2022

Starting a new journey can come with uncertainties and fear, but it can be a worthy move if all goes according to plan. With his recent pivot into music, creator and artist MC Luna Trine expanded his titles to accommodate being a musician, which saw him step out of the shadows into the mainstream spotlight.

Having spent all his life being the one behind colorful, lively and entertaining creations, MC Luna Trine is taking the bold step to be the center of attention himself, and he’s making it all seem effortless.

The New York City-born and raised music artist has made the creative world his oyster from a very young age. He started with drawing and painting as a child and switched to photography and videography when he got into college. Spending years diving deeply into the entertainment industry and connecting with the important people that could help him get there, he landed opportunities to work with models in New York City and, from there, started working in the music industry with artists on music video sets, concerts and fashion shows. MC Luna Trine thrived behind the cameras and created remarkable moments many people consumed and enjoyed. However, deciding that phase of his life is over is a big, bold move he has made as he takes on music full-time.

MC Luna Trine’s entrance into the music world comes with the release of his first song, “Aura For Me,” which talks about connecting with other people based on their aura and energy. Still basking in the creative juice from his first song, he quickly recorded his second one, “Come With Me To The Moon,” and is working on releasing more, as well as a full-length project to cement his artistry.

Music has also allowed MC Luna Trine to travel a lot, thus igniting his love for traveling and adventure. He launched a travel vlog dedicated to documenting his adventures and using those experiences to create evergreen music for his audience and fans in order to develop his creative voice through multiple art forms and forums.

MC Luna Trine’s successful photography career exposed him to many people, including celebrities and successful public figures. Despite that, his view of the world and people never changed. “I see everyone as the same and interact with them without consideration for their social status or success level. I understand that building with anyone who is willing to build with you is more important than how well-known the person is. Also, my openness and nonjudgmental view of people’s creativity helps me become open to working with other people from all walks of life,” he shared.

MC Luna Trine’s passion for creating has defined his journey over the years, and he hopes that his recent moves inspire someone to be brave to take on new challenges. “I have always enjoyed listening to music and have always loved creating. So for me, I love to watch or listen to my own music and videos. I also enjoy connecting with other creative people, so making music and vlogs helps me to connect with other people and create with them and share experiences that we will never forget,” he said.