Mario Reyes Brings Equity to the Table With Property Reputation

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readAug 20, 2020

Although the wealthiest corporate behemoths can quickly put themselves in the limelight, the real gems of the industry are those companies that respect employee rights and ensure a fair workplace. In other words, business players who look beyond the bottom line are the ones who can truly make a meaningful impact.

As one of the foremost advocates of bringing equity in the contracting trade, Mario Reyes committed himself to strike a balance between enhancing the contractors’ morale and sustaining the business owners’ competitive performance. Seeing that more and more contractors are not getting paid their hard work’s worth, Mario took it upon himself to become the voice for the aggrieved and the disadvantaged.

Pounding the pavement with his mission of bridging the gap between contractors and business owners, Mario created Property Reputation. This digital application allows contractors to share their experiences after being at a job site.

Whether the user is a general contractor or a business owner engaged in landscaping, plumbing, roofing, and interior painting, the application can serve as a powerful tool in fostering a free-flowing exchange of information within the contracting community. As a result, members therein can achieve a sense of harmony and coordination that can lead to long-lasting productivity.

Driven by its goal of building strong relationships between contractors and business owners, Property Reputation has become a reliable platform that prevents parties from jumping blindly into a transaction. By providing readily available reviews on a particular job site, the application can save parties the trouble of going through an unpleasant experience, or it can prompt them to acquire one that is rewarding.

When contractors are equipped with the knowledge of what they are going to get themselves into, not only will they get assurance, but they will also get the motivation to do their best for those they are working for. This kind of win-win situation for both parties is what Property Reputation aims to bring to the table.

Now that there is already a provision of security and optimum performance gone are the days when contractors will have to endure the opportunity cost brought by the fear of getting unpaid. And by eliminating the looming doubts that entrepreneurs in the contracting field may have, Property Reputation helps everyone in the community to grow and flourish.

Since it is recognized as a beacon of trustworthiness, the application always ensures that before a contractor offers its services, it should first be made aware of the business owner’s reputation. In this way, the contractor can live up to its duties with greater confidence and peace.

With Property Reputation’s exceptional performance, Mario Reyes takes pride in lending a hand to those who once suffered losses of income because of injustice. And as he envisions becoming an essential part of a contractor’s day, he sends the message that no unscrupulous business owner can ever get away with unjust enrichment.

In a world where success serves as the impetus for grinding and hustling, Mario reminds everyone that the playing field of business should still be a place where each player’s inherent dignity is respected. Because at the end of the day, business goals should always be compatible with fairness.

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