Luke Wade: Bullying Victim to Fitness Expert

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Merging his fitness consulting expertise and extensive knowledge in formal psychology and nutrition, Luke Wade is shaping lives internationally. His holistic approach to achieving fitness goals and physical therapy has benefited individuals in enhancing their physique and strengthening their psyche.

Besides implementing fine-tuned dietary interventions to his clients, he is also taking into account their overall well-being. Luke attained over three years of working experience in physical therapy, helping patients recover from physical injury. His post-rehab programming helps clients who have been seriously impacted by injury and puts their lives back on track.

Asked what motivated him to venture into such a career, Luke said that his personal experiences allow him to empathize with his clients at a deeper level. Coming from humble beginnings, Luke overcame many adversities to get the confidence he has today. In 6th grade, he was ridiculed and bullied because of gaining weight. Luke had a hard time adjusting after being transferred from a public school to a private institution. During those hard times, food became his comfort, and after a few months, this translated to extra pounds.

Determined to change his shape and mindset and inspired by his older brother, Luke entered a summer strength and conditioning camp programmed for high school athletes. It was challenging, especially for a 12-year-old, but Luke pushed through. His peers saw a significant change, not only physically, but in his mindset.

In high school, Luke gained the confidence he did not have a few years before. He overcame all odds and achieved what seemed impossible by besting his junior class’s alpha male in athletic testing in 2009 — just one year after a devastating shattered elbow injury from varsity football.

Then came another decade; Luke faced other challenging hurdles. He dropped out of physical therapy school after feeling that the path was not for him. Nonetheless, Luke persevered to figure out where he could go next, and so he decided to return to his real passion — personal training. But he had to overcome his fear of failure. “I struck out pretty bad as a personal trainer entrepreneur at 22. Made awful judgment calls and marketing was embarrassingly bad,” Luke confessed.

Still, despite all the challenges and self-doubts, Luke mustered up the courage to revisit his passion for making a change in people’s lives. With no guarantees of a stable income or a clear path, Luke continued to serve clients from various outlets in addition to his base clientele, including geriatrics group exercises and water aerobics. Luke embraced every opportunity that would bring him closer to his goals.

Today, Luke is amazed at how people, even those he has never met before his consultations, trusted him to be a part of their health journey. He experienced an immense feeling of fulfillment in his clients’ and his own success, as well as the love his clients showed him by letting him guide the way.

Although, amid the pandemic, Luke lost the majority of his clients. Still, he remained firm in pursuing his vision. Luke explored social media as his new platform in physical training. He was amazed at how the digital space has allowed him to monetize his skills and, at the same time, follow his passion while making an impact worldwide.

Luke was an underdog, a victim of bullying, and he failed a few times. But he also stood and fought back on his feet every time life threw strong blows in his direction. Luke has made clear that he is a fighter and is determined to let others feel that they too are capable of winning.

Learn more about Luke Wade on his website and Facebook page.

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