Lil Sporty D, CEO of Mentality Music Entertainment, Open Doors for Aspiring Artists

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Art is often perceived as a hobby or something that is not profitable. It is often used as a release for emotional baggage. However, art, especially music, is more than that. Damien Harris is a living testament to debunk the old school perspective towards music.

Starting at a young age, little Damien began to explore his music career by recording 12 songs on a cassette with his brothers and some friends in the neighborhood. Growing up in Marrero La, New Orleans, Damien was exposed to the cruel truths of life. He is no stranger to the setup wherein 14 kids are cramped in a two-bedroom apartment raised by a single mother with no father around. After a while, they were put in foster care by the state.

As an outlet, Damien saw the importance of music in his life after he attended community college. In hopes that he will escape his past, he created pieces, and his music conveyed messages that are relatable to his listeners.

As his career flourished, his passion for music grew brighter and helped mold him. He started collaborating with known artists such as Magnolia Chap and Jay Jones, featured in the first single released on June 12, 2020, entitled “Certified.” Then, Damien had his second appearance when “Like Whoa,” featuring Lil Noodle, who is an artist under Sony Music Entertainment, was released on August 14 of this year as well.

His new upcoming single “Fearless,” featuring Kidd Kidd, Young Juve, and Abg Keith, is in the works. Kidd Kidd is a former G-Unit artist who signed to Curtis 50 Cent Jackson Record label and a former Lil Wayne Artist. Young Juve is the son of Cash Money Records artist Juvenile. And last but not least, Abg Keith, a local Louisiana artist. With his collaboration with these reputable artists, the single is scheduled to be released on November 6, 2020.

However, creating his music is not enough for Damien as he wants to help harness other people’s talents. He established his record label company, Mentality Music Entertainment, to give an opportunity to everyone. Due to Damien’s past, he knew that other artists need the right support to optimize their potential. Hence, he created Mentality Music Entertainment to be a local record label based in New Orleans, Louisiana. They provide service to the general public, such as music, recording, studio, engineer, producer, distribution, publishing.

With an optimistic view, Damien aims to help people, especially fresh graduates, to pay off their student loans and start building their dreams and becoming successful for the years to come. His innate desire to help out other people in their endeavors in life makes Damien stand out among the rest as a CEO of a record label, musical artist, engineer, and songwriter. The genuineness of his goal to provide better opportunities for those who deserve it fuels his passion for music. All the kindness he gives, without any expectation of anything in return, goes back to him tenfold.

Follow Damien Harris on Instagram to witness him bloom in the music industry.

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