Katie Melissa Opens Opportunities for Online Entrepreneurs

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readSep 1, 2020


It was Katie Melissa’s passion for helping people that drove her to start teaching others how to become successful online entrepreneurs. She has been an online seller for over four years, and she has learned a lot from her experiences. Within those years, she mastered several online approaches like dropshipping, FBA, and private labels. Now that Katie has accumulated enough knowledge, she is now taking others aboard the trip toward entrepreneurial success through her coaching as well as her new Amazon Elite Automation service.

Many people, after college, settle for 9 to 5 jobs. But it can become exhausting to work under a superior and self-enrichment is just nearly impossible to attain. She, too, has had the experience where a fixed paycheck that she got every fortnight defined her value. And she wanted to break away from it.

So she started selling online. She utilized e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify, among others, to sell products to consumers, and it worked well for her. As an entrepreneur, Katie Melissa has proven that an online selling approach effectively opens streams of income. It is even more relevant today with the current business climate, where branching out online is more or less a requirement for businesses to thrive.

Katie Melissa also founded Amazon Elite Automation service to cater to clients who find it difficult to manage their income-generating stores. Amazon Elite Automation is ideal for entrepreneurs living double lives and who want to earn without even lifting a hand. The team that Katie Melissa heads handles everything, from store creation and full-time management to generating income. Founded in 2019, Amazon Elite Automation service already has a significant fraction of its clientele earning six figures in revenue annually. “Clients can also choose to sell their store a few years down the road once their value is realized. I recommend our clients wait until their store is valued over 7 figures,” she explains.

Apart from running her company, Katie also offers coaching. She knows that there are a myriad of uncertainties that individuals think when they want to run their planned businesses. As someone who has been there, Katie Melissa shares a unique blueprint to her clients. She keeps a limited clientele for her coaching because she wants to focus on each of them. This is what separates her from others.

In both her coaching and her company, Katie Melissa values her client’s needs and wants. She always keeps keen attention to every detail and spends time with her clients. To her, the connection she builds with her clients is more than just for earning money; it is a personal undertaking.

This belief stems from a passion that ignited in her after realizing the limitless possibilities of online entrepreneurship. “When you create your own business, there is no real ceiling,” Katie said. The thought excites her, but more so when she leads others to it.

Undoubtedly, Katie Melissa is building a brand destined for global domination. Her coaching and automation services are top-notch in many respects. She dreams of making a global impact in due course.

For more information about Katie Melissa, visit her website, and learn about Amazon Elite Automation service by visiting their website.