Julia Srour On What Makes True and Lasting Transformation

Everyone changes eventually. It’s a fact of life that remains universal across cultures and people groups. But not all people change for the better. Hence, positive change is always the goal for all of us, though it’s not one many achieve. Julia Srour has learned so much about the powers and strategies that bring about these positive transformations and looks to share those lessons with as many people as possible.

Julia is a certified performance coach who works mainly with some of the most prominent CEOs of various industries. She helps people maximize their time, energy, and resources to help them achieve more while remaining balanced and holistic in their approach to living. Her most significant joy comes from helping people experience true and positive transformation.

“I’ve always felt in my heart that I want to change people’s lives,” shares Julia Srour. “I choose daily to live from the notion that the time granted to me is an opportunity to work and help others create the highest version of their life as well. This is the legacy I strive to leave for others.”

Julia’s coaching story began in 2008 when she decided to practice more self-love and become intentional about her ways of working and living. That decision would bring the coach and entrepreneur to experience breakthrough emotionally, mentally, physically, and metaphysically in the process. Today, she helps others experience the same results.

As a coach, Julia emphasizes improving her skills and practice. She holds two certifications as a performance coach and spends time deepening her understanding of science-based frameworks and skills for productivity, success, and self-improvement. Her signature program is a twelve-week intensive that brings people through a process of discovery. Julia takes her clients through a journey that makes them discover the gifts already there and teaches them how to refine and maximize them.

What makes Julia Srour’s practice different is her approach to transformation. Whereas most coaches help people set goals and create avenues to reach them, she embraces a more holistic approach to change, seeking to help clients reach their top-tier performance in all areas of their life. Srour’s teachings help provide structure and simplicity to one’s pursuit for highly holistic and intentional lifestyles.

“I love giving clients a true roadmap for progress that allows us to consistently feel that each session is adding value and advancing my client in life no matter their goal,” she said. “This approach, I have found, is far more encompassing than simply helping a client reach a specific goal. Clients don’t want to just hit a small set of goals anymore. Instead, they want to live fully in all aspects.”

Julia Srour also believes in the power of gratitude and perspective, sharing how she believes every day is a gift. She seeks people who share these virtues or desire to grow in them. The coach also trains professionals, especially high-level executives, in internal work, like mindset, wealth, consciousness, health, leadership, high performance, and business and career growth.

Julia looks forward to possibly having a television show in the future and aspires to become a global brand in the coaching space. Learn more about Julia Srour by visiting her Instagram profile and LinkedIn profile.




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