Hip Hop Indie Music Serves as a Pillar of Support for Emerging Musicians

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readAug 31, 2020

Aspirants in the music industry have to contend with a lot of hurdles in their road to success. Not only is there prejudice against pursuing a career as a musician, but the industry itself is a highly competitive arena where talent can sometimes fall short. To push upcoming hip-hop and R&B artists to the center of the music scene and help them overcome these hurdles, Hip Hop Indie Music was established by esteemed personalities Paul Mauricette, Cordaryll Monroe, and Joshua Emmanuel.

The founders of this platform, which is dedicated to being a pillar of support to rising stars, all share the same passion for music. This connection to the craft fueled their pursuit of the dream to introduce emerging artists to the right audience. So they created a blog that would turn out to be the engine of the fruition of their dreams.

Hip Hop Indie Music, with its careful consideration of both the artists and the audience, has served as a community-friendly space that enables visitors to enjoy content in peace. Open to people of all ages and every walk of life, it has also become the go-to site for music lovers who are looking for new artists to support.

As moderators, Paul, Cordaryll, and Joshua manage the platform right to the smallest detail, guaranteeing that it is free of toxic comments that would make the artists and the visitors feel unsafe. And by taking great lengths in establishing the blog as a safe space, artists feel comfortable enough to express themselves through their music without having to worry about harsh and counterproductive reactions.

This online marketing venture allows artists to maximize promotions for their brand and their releases. The exposure that Hip Hop Indie Music facilitates is an assured perk to joining the platform, regardless of the artist’s budget. Knowing how hard it is to make a name for oneself in the music industry with low funds and a lack of resources, Paul and his friends go the extra mile to accommodate the hip-hop and R & B enthusiasts who want to take part in this virtual community.

The flexibility in strategy, planning, and other services that Hip Hop Indie Music delivers rests on its essence as a company that hopes to be a trusted avenue for passionate artists. Moreover, because it believes in self-expression and how artistry can fully bloom in an environment free of restrictions, this music establishment puts the artists in full control over their careers. Those under the company’s care, producers, singers, managers, and everyone else involved get to decide what happens, when it happens, and how they want their career to unfold.

Unlike other ventures known for dictating their artists’ every move, Hip Hop Indie Music makes sure that musicians are satisfied with the track they will take by giving them the reins in every aspect.

At its core, Hip Hop Indie Music is driven to enable the success of artists and give them a lending hand as they pursue their dreams. And this genuine regard for musicians’ aspirations makes this company a leading platform bound to impact so many more lives in the industry.

Learn more about Hip Hop Indie Music by visiting its website and Instagram page.