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It has been called the essence of a living being, the tangible intangible that makes us who we are. It’s believed to comprise the cerebral abilities of whatever it inhabits — character, feeling, thought, memory, perception, and most of all, understanding.

Consciousness. Spirit. Psyche. We call it lots of things.

On my Peak Performance Pyramid, I call it Soul. Soul is the next-to-last step we must embrace before we reach our optimal state called Peak Performance.

The truth of the soul is powerful stuff.

On the pyramid, I define Soul as one’s personal happiness and fulfillment, the blissful state within yourself, the delightful place you’re ready to touch after you’ve climbed up all the ladder steps below — sleep, nutrition, body, and mind.

Can we really biohack our Souls? If so, isn’t that tempting the gods? Playing with fire?

Fact of the matter is, we do it all the time.

I do it often with crystals.

The Hindu yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda, who popularized meditation and yoga in West and lived his last 32 years in America, said reincarnation begins with crystals and ultimately reaches the human sphere of existence. After 8,000,000 lives and incarnations, he said, the soul passes to the body of a human being.

In my meditation area, I have an Amethyst cluster, purple quartz. I use it with others crystals to set my daily intentions, my daily purpose, my target.

IBM scientist Marcel Vogel was a leading researcher and theorist of quartz crystals. Vogel studied crystals growing under a microscope, noticing how their shape took the form of whatever he was thinking about. Vogel believed this mental form-fitting was the result of an endless assembling and disassembling of bonds between molecules.

Vogel studied the metaphysical power of quartz crystal — and concluded these rocks can store thoughts similar to how audiotapes use magnetic energy to record sound. He also demonstrated how plants respond to human thoughts.

Vogel’s findings were backed up by Albert Einstein, who said all life is vibration and our thoughts are part of those vibrations of everything that manifests itself in our lives. The positive vibes of stones and crystals amplify our own positive thoughts.

So yes, we do indeed biohack our Souls.

Today, we find our Soul trapped inside the matter of our human flesh, but forever trying to continue its evolution.

The Soul is the part of us we call “spiritual.” It’s our deeply-felt moral and emotional nature. It’s our innate ability to appreciate kindness and feel sympathy. It’s our appreciation of art and beauty.

Crystals connect us to the Earth because they are physical forms with powerful vibrations. Their energy connects with you as you wear them close to your skin or place them around your personal space. Crystals receive your unique vibrational energy and, with every good thought and intention, amplify your positive vibes.

I use crystals to enhance my feelings of being grounded, centered, and connected to my Soul. You can, too.

Crystals are just one example of how we biohack our Souls on the fifth rung of the Peak Performance Pyramid. Climb with me. Climb higher.

Lian Pham is a passionate, disruptive entrepreneur helping people establish peak performance in their personal and professional lives through biohacking. Lian lives as The Peak Performer and co-founder of Peak Space both in Houston, Texas.

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