GO-GETTER Co. & Mikiah Azarcon’s GO Wallet Phasing Out Regular Wallets through Innovation

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Innovation moves the world forward, and Mikiah Azarcon is doing exactly that with his company, GO-GETTER Co., an e-commerce lifestyle brand based in esteemed Beverly Hills, California. Established in 2020, GO-GETTER Co. released its first product, trackable wallets, shortly after its launch. These trackable wallets are designed to take away the problem of misplacing and losing wallets. They are also designed to be ultra-slim so that they are not too heavy and bulky to carry about.

GO-GETTER Co. came to life through crowdfunding on Kickstarter, which gave Mikiah Azarcon all the resources he needed to kick his dreams into motion. The company is creating these trackable wallets with some stand-out features such as RFID security, an ultra-slim design, and the thinnest tracker card in any product.

“We are inspired by the dream-chasers, hustlers, innovators, and all those on a path to create a lifestyle for themselves: the go-getters. Designing with our inspirations lifestyle in mind, our mission is to engineer and innovate useful products by fusing style and function in everything we create,” Mikiah says.

As of 2018, GO-GETTER Co. was just an idea that Mikiah was figuring out how to bring to reality as a college student at Pepperdine University. He took on more jobs outside his college classes to raise some capital and produce prototypes that could help him get funds. Two years later, after creating a lot of samples and prototypes, the company launched officially on the 21st of July, 2020. It then recorded a landmark achievement of making $100,000 in sales within the first three months.

GO-GETTER Co. is the product of humble beginnings, tenacity, and determination. While at Pepperdine University, Mikiah Azarcon almost got expelled for cheating in an exam. The ripple effect of that incident contributed to the birth of GO-GETTER Co., which is now one of the fastest-growing wallet brands in 2020 an en route to have an explosive 2021.

GO-GETTER Co. solves serious problems that many wallet users have experienced in the past. It makes it impossible to misplace wallets as they can be easily tracked. GO-GETTER Co.’s wallets are slim and lightweight and made from 6061-t6 space-grade anodized aluminum, which does not tear or wear out no matter how long the user keeps their wallet. GO-GETTER Co.’s wallets also come installed with RFID-blocking aluminum to prevent modern RFID-skimming and theft. And even though the wallets are ultra-slim, they are expandable enough to accommodate as much as possible.

Wallets from GO-GETTER Co. come in a modern design with 9 different colors and two finishes — brushed and matte. Mikiah has watched many companies build formidable brands over the years, and he desired to establish something similar that can shake the business world. “Most of these brands all stand for something and hold values that they live out every single day and amplify through their content — and this is something I wanted to emulate with GO-GETTER Co. I wanted to start a brand where I create amazing content, have values to live up to, and also inspire a culture/community of individuals to rep our brand while they ‘create their own reality.’”

Mikiah’s goal is to build GO-GETTER Co. into a million-dollar company by achieving more than a million dollars in sales by the end of 2021. He also plans to work with more professionals, collaborate with many influential people, and make his company the fastest growing wallet brand in 2021.

You can learn more about GO-GETTER Co. and Mikiah Azarcon by visiting their official website and his Instagram page.

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