From Graffiti to NFT, Visual Artist Amber Marie Sheds Light on the Development of Her Upcoming Project Klepto Bears

With how overwhelming life has gotten over the global pandemic, nostalgia has become a sanctuary for many as we reminisce on life before the crisis. While most look to the year before the mandatory quarantines, some people look back on their childhood. Visual artist Amber Marie is among those who like to look fondly back on her youth, and she has taken her nostalgia to a new level through her recently-developed NFT, Klepto Bears.

Amber’s journey into the NFT industry started when the pandemic prompted her to expand her horizon in the art community. An established individual in the makeup and body art industry, she sought ways to stay relevant in the art community. Amber would eventually find herself in the Graffiti Mansion, where she met Arman Izadi and Danny Lorden. Realizing her potential to thrive in the graffiti world, they introduced her to a new medium with spray cans. Armed with a new knowledge and art style, Amber decided to step out of her comfort zone in the traditional art scene and delve into digital arts, particularly the NFT industry. Izadi supported her by donating $100,000 towards her project, helping her close the gap towards her dream.

For her project, Amber looked at the teddy bear her grandmother gave her at five years old, which became a symbol for childhood imagination. Taking inspiration from the token of nostalgia, she developed Klepto Bear. The NFT connects holders to their childhood, offering them a chance to reconcile with their memories and past versions of themselves.

“Klepto Bears are the face you see in a crowd,” described Amber, “A cause for pause to say, “I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere before?” How many boxes, how many teddy bears litter the story of each of us? How many treasures, how many relics, once loved have gone into the ether?”

The NFTs are developed with Amber’s signature style that’s rich in color with fine details, texture, and intricate line-work. Sleek, stylized pieces of teddy bear art, Klepto Bears harken to the nostalgic child within us and represent modern-day life layered on treasures of our past. The backgrounds are imbued with colors that guide the eyes to the character and shapes that shift in representation.

Klepto Bears inject holders with a strong sense of nostalgia and promise to give away $100,000 in prizes that are closed behind a vault NFT whose doors will open when the project sells out. The prizes include items like iPhone 13 for Mint #1,000, iPadPro for Mint #2,000, LG TV for Mint #3,000, PlayStation 5 for Mint #4,000, Xbox X for Mint #5,000, Macbook Pro for Mint #6,000, Versace Robe for Mint #7,000, LV Backpack for Mint #8,000, Rolex for Mint #9,000 and Tesla for Mint #10,000. Additionally, Amber has sworn an oath to deliver on some wild promises like taking a pie to the face, making dinner for the Klepto crew, having them decide the temporary tattoo she’ll get, eating a Ghost Pepper, having a real-life Klepto Bear hand out QR codes on the Vegas Strip, and painting the streets of Vegas with Klepto Bear art.

Learn more about Klepto Bears by visiting their official website. You can also join their Discord channel and follow them on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.




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