Entrepreneur Chris “Kubby” Kubbernus Takes a More Creative Approach in the Marketing Industry

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Not many children have a clear-cut idea of what they want to become when they grow up, and for most teenagers, it’s even more difficult to imagine where they see themselves once they finish high school. However, Chris Kubbernus always had a blueprint for his career.

Even at the tender age of 12 years old, Chris Kubbernus, or Chris Kubby as he is known on his social profiles, decided that he wanted to be in marketing. He had a hobby for drawing and was interested in the art, particularly comic book art. His parents saw his potential and lightly influenced and nudged him toward advertising.

He later asked his parents for a book about advertising where he read about copywriters, concept developers, advertisements, etc. He began to critique advertisements on television and magazines, a hobby that his parents found strange. Despite that, they helped him find out more about the advertising industry.

Years later, Chris Kubby would take his first step toward his illustrious career in marketing. He began a job as an intern in a small advertising agency. His curiosity in design inspired him to pick up Microsoft Frontpage, and he started designing websites. This passion grew and helped him earn a reputation.

At the age of 18, he started his first marketing business, where he helped small companies with digital marketing, building websites, designing logos, brand identities, and even producing videos. By the time he arrived in college, Chris Kubby had taken a degree in marketing. It didn’t take long before he felt uncreative in his course, and he decided to switch to communications.

After graduating, Chris Kubby would go on to found Kubb&co, a digital marketing agency based in Copenhagen. He has since become an expert when it comes to helping brands become bigger, better, and more effective. Chris has partnered with start-up companies and large corporations on digital strategy and social media.

Having a strong personal brand, he teaches other entrepreneurs, social media consultants, and marketers take their businesses to new heights. Chris Kubby supports and teaches people about the benefits of marketing and the right way to do it. He gives a unique perspective on building companies from scratch in the lessons he teaches, something that he himself had gone through.

Chris Kubby is proud to say that apart from having real-world experience, he is also self-made. Everything he now has came from scratch. He had no funding or partners to build the business with. While others in his industry are more business-oriented, Chris is more of a creative business owner.

Chris became an acknowledged social media influencer, having gained more than 200,000 followers on Snapchat, 40,000 plus on Twitter, 19,000 plus subscribers on YouTube, and over 275,000 on Instagram. He is a keynote speaker with over a hundred speaking engagements across North America and Europe, including the first Snapchat conference.

As a speaker, he combines a unique style of knowledge, inspiration, humor, and audience engagement to his keynotes, sharing insights from over two decades of experience as a digital marketer.

To know more about Chriss Kubby, you may follow him on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

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