East Side Edibles Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary with Local Celebrities Phaze Gawd & DJ Kyng Rash At Charlotte’s Skylark Lounge

Thousand Times’s CBD & Delta-8 company East Side Edibles has partnered with Charlotte tastemakers ‘Phaze Gawd’ and ‘Kyng Rash’ and the world-famous Skylark lounge to host what has been billed as ‘the 420 event of the decade”. With free edibles, live music, cheap drinks and a vibe that is unmatched the event dubbed “Joint Effort’ is the first of an annual 4/20 celebration sponsored by East Side Edibles. The evening’s lineup of performances includes Queen City favorites such as Jlee, Jay Bird, Phaze Gawd, Detest The Throne, Collective Insanity & Woccstar Cam.

East Side Edibles has become the fastest-growing D8 & CBD company on the planet and shows no signs of slowing down. The company has secured an impressive portion of the burgeoning cannabis market and is on par to double production by 2022.

East Side Edibles has grown from a scrappy underdog to a leader in the cannabis industry. By fostering relationships with a multitude of brands and working with companies outside of their niche the CBD & D8 edibles company has grown exponentially. With a product lineup that numbers close to 30 and with a newly minted delivery partnership with Uber that has doubled previous annual projections, East Side Edibles is building a foundation for years of prosperity.

Check out East Side Edibles today @ www.eastsideedbles.shop




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