Content Marketing Strategies To Optimize Online Presence & Credibility

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As the digital age progresses, people spend more time staring at their phones and scrolling through social media feeds. Hence, multiple industries shifting online as well. Since not everyone is equipped with the knowledge and skills to optimize the marketing potential in the online world, there has been a birth of experts and companies who specialize in helping specific niches. Tamara Thompson is one of them.

Tamara is a keynote speaker, award-winning filmmaker, video marketer, and founder of Broadcast Your Authority. In 2012, she was awarded as a documentary director in multiple film circuits. As a video marketer, Tamara found joy in motivating other people to build authority with video. She creates engaging content on her Youtube channel. After one of her documentary films was released, she shared it in short consumable segments on Youtube that went viral. She reached over 800 thousand views on her documentary channel in less than three weeks. Over the years, she was inspired to create content to motivate individuals to take action within their own branded videos. Today, she continues to share value in her Facebook Group and Youtube channel.

In terms of being a keynote speaker, Tamara shared the stage with Marcus Lemonis from CNBC’s The Profit, Randi Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook Live, and Mari Smith, the Queen of Facebook. She inspired thousands of listeners, from various parts of the world, to believe in themselves and reach for their dreams, with the power of her knowledge and stories.

Aside from being a Youtuber, Tamara founded Broadcast Your Authority, a company that aims to help individuals widen their reach online with content marketing. Tamara and her multiple team members aim to provide a tailored-fit marketing strategy that would be suitable for their clients. Broadcast Your Authority is a one-stop-shop that offers a full content marketing system for their clients, such as providing branded graphics, articles, Youtube edits, audio podcasts, and social media posting, which can widen the audience of clients. Also, clients receive an entire social audit and they start with valued market research, for everything must start with data-driven content, to allow for positive growth results, which is one of their high-points. One of their clients, Anthony Melchiorri from Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel, said, “If I could give you a Forbes 5 star review, I would. You are the epitome of hospitality.”

Tamara says, “Content is key to building relationships, rapport and trust with your leads, followers and audience. This allows consumers to decide to become clients.” The Broadcast Your Authority team works to keep the promise of quality marketing techniques, and great customer service.

Even during this pandemic, Tamara’s team takes this time to learn more skills and execute for better output. Their system helped a top industry influencer generate 100,000 in sales in June 2020 alone; a business coach achieved 50,000 in sales, a sales coach over 100,000 two months in a row, and many other consistent success stories.

Tamara continues to take every opportunity as a chance to learn, just like how she utilized the time she spent working with big brands to improve herself, which in turn helped her company grow as well to cater to entrepreneurs, coaches, influencers and marketers. Even if most dreams are put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tamara doesn’t see it that way. She sees an opportunity to push past the noise and motivate others to do the same. For the ones who stand up as leaders now, are constantly visibile and will be remembered post pandemic and continue to flourish.

Connect with Tamara Thompson’s team through the company’s official website.

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