Chris Martin: Photographer and Hairstylist Breaks Limits to Pursue Diverse Career

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Chris Martin builds on the firm foundation of familial support, a confident perspective to overcome limitations, and the power of social media to achieve whatever he sets his mind on. As a rising photographer and hairstylist, Chris helps his clients build a brand that best represents them to the public.

Talent and passion often manifest in a person while they are young. The same is true for Chris Martin. He started taking photos and styling hair when he was only eight years old. His grandmother bought him disposable cameras, and he practiced on anyone who gave him ten minutes of their time.

Chris recalls how he created his first backdrops by throwing bedsheets over his grandmother’s canopy bed. He also started experimenting with lighting by bringing all of the lamps in the house into the room where he was doing his photoshoot. For hair and costume, Chris dressed his grandmother and did her hair in the most outrageous styles.

Through these early experiences, Chris experienced the joy of expressing himself and doing what he actually loved. The confidence that he developed in his childhood continues to serve him in his career today. Whereas other photographers only focus on working behind the camera, Chris can style hair and clothing, perform creative direction, scout models, find locations, and execute beautiful images.

Chris Martin’s photos empower his clients to look and feel their best. His work transcends trivial concerns with the number of likes and followers. Chris not only raises their social media engagement but also helps them become the best version of themselves by reliving beautiful images. From his point of view, the goal of modern photography is to create lasting images that clients can still appreciate when looking back to it after many years.

As with all things, it is all about perspective. Many photographers succumb to the pressures of social media. The present culture of putting an excessive value on popularity affects their work. Meanwhile, Chris Martin considers social media as a motivating factor to keep pushing his career forward. He maintains the realistic perspective that social media is a tool used in the future of marketing and promotion.

Despite the disruptive events that shaped 2020, Chris Martin finds many reasons to claim that he has had a great year. Chris currently lives in Los Angeles, CA, and shoots content for celebrities and influencers. This year, a host of online fashion magazines published his photography and hairstyling work. These publications include Yahoo, Nylon, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue, and many others.

The recent burst of published features came due to his professional and creative relationship with Christine Quinn, who stars in the breakout Netflix show Selling Sunset. Chris Martin started doing photoshoots with Christine after the first season of her show aired. Chris now finds himself doing shoots almost every day of the week.

Chris Martin loves seeing young artists emerge and build careers on whatever makes them happy and fulfilled. His life is proof that there are no limitations to the number of paths a person can pursue to express themselves and follow their dreams.

Visit Chris Martin’s Instagram profile to learn more about his life and artistry.

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