Beacon of Safety: How Dr. Robert Abraham Addresses the Global Crisis

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Since its cruel blow to the entire human population, the COVID-19 pandemic has been sending tides of grave repercussions for the health industry. And with the emergence of stay-at-home policies and physical distancing measures, the need for virtual health adoption is slowly stepping into the light.

In line with this, it is refreshing to see health companies like Exodus Medical putting great efforts into adapting to the times. Moving forward with its remote diagnoses and mail-in testing, Exodus Medical brings holistic neuropathy treatments out of the doctor’s office and into the patients’ homes.

Exodus Medical is the new cyber medical practice founded by Dr. Robert Abraham, BS, DC, CCIP, to answer the nationwide need of patients who are looking for proven ways to help ease their neuropathy symptoms.

As a telemedicine clinic, patients can simply call in, receive diagnoses digitally, and use in-home testing to get to the source of their pain and numbness. With virtual solutions that span from nutritional lifestyle changes to treatments like infrared light and electrotherapy, Exodus Medical has become the perfect avenue for getting rid of old aches

But before breathing life into this virtual establishment, Dr. Abraham has been using his brick-and-mortar space, CryoNext Integrative Healthcare, to provide chiropractic care, laser therapy, weight loss aid, and neuropathy relief. But with the pressing need for hassle-free medical services, he created Exodus Medical to bring wellness and neuropathy treatment for those who cannot visit his on-site clinics for care.

Combining holistic and all-encompassing approaches that are specifically tailored to each patient’s nerve pain, Exodus Medical provides useful lifestyle advice, delivers tests that patients can perform in their own homes, and charts a direction that can lead anyone suffering from neuropathy to the road of recovery.

In certain research that he conducted, Dr. Abraham found that almost all neuropathy sufferers are relying on medications or injections to suppress their illnesses temporarily. And since these remedies are not in it for the long haul, he makes sure that Exodus Medical focuses on improving the patients’ conditions while blocking a disease known for decreasing one’s ability to live independently.

By providing long-term solutions, Exodus Medical helps improve the patients’ quality of life while saving them the trouble of having to go out from their homes. And in a world where neuropathy is often seen as a lifelong burden, the company shows that there are still medical experts like Dr. Abraham, who truly care.

As the pandemic continues to highlight the advantages of virtual and remote health solutions, Exodus Medical proves that aside from the patients’ convenience, it values their safety as well.

And now that the company is gaining momentum with its innovative solutions, it is becoming a core component in helping patients improve and maintain their well-being. On top of that, it is also seen as playing an increasingly important role in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic neuropathy symptoms.

With many healthcare providers scrambling to implement practical health measures, Dr. Abraham ensures that Exodus Medical stays on top by working through its enabling capabilities methodically.

To know more about Dr. Robert Abraham and Exodus Medical, you may head on to their website or visit their Facebook page.

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