Barber Al, An Entrepreneur Icon of Inspiration

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Ali Alhasemi is a barber for celebrities and athletes; he owns Uppercutz Barbershop and currently employs over forty people. Besides that, he has a successful line of organic hair products that include body wash, hair gel, hair balm, shampoo, and conditioner for both men and women that can be credited to his name. Ali cuts hair for Sada Baby, Jerome Bettis, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and is the only barber to have cut the entire Detroit Lions National Football League team. You can see all of the work he has done with the team on his Instagram profile, along with hair tutorials and posts regarding the latest trends on cuts and styles.

Ali is nearing a decade of experience in cutting and styling hair. No wonder he has mastered the art of boosting people’s confidence through the way their hair looks. Ali started humbly, cutting hair for $5 in his garage when he was just fourteen years old. It all began when he found himself cutting his hair because he was dissatisfied with his local barbers’ work. When his father noticed what he was doing, he advised Ali to try it for others. And the rest is history, as the cliche goes.

His Instagram posts are a source of knowledge, perfectly showcasing the quality of his work and the depth of his thoughts about living life better. Not only does he share tips on what you can do to fix your hair in your own bathroom, but he also posts words of encouragement and life reflections.

Ali was also featured in a GQ magazine article that delved into his Instagram fame and the work that he does with customers with thinning hair. It gave us the basics — his methods in cutting and styling, But the article went deeper and looked into how Ali was able to find inspiration in his work and what impact he is making for his community. It is clear that for Ali, the job is not just about cutting hair. It is primarily about allowing his clients to look the best they have ever looked. And Ali achieves that through his expertise and creativity as he styles his customers’ hair in ways that could build up their self-esteem. It is not an exaggeration to recount that a customer has had tears in his eyes after Ali was done with him.

What also sets Ali, fondly called Barber Al, apart is his heart for his community. He and his team conduct numerous annual charities, from free neighborhood haircuts, haircuts at homeless shelters, to Christmas events. Ultimately, he wants his service to be a reminder to people that they are not alone during essential times. And Ali stands by his belief that the most significant accomplishment he could achieve is not the money he earns but the difference he will make in the world.

Ali is more than an entrepreneur with multiple businesses. He is an icon of inspiration. His customers and 100,000 Instagram followers can attest to the kind of quality service he provides and the influence he has had on people’s lives.

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