Barbell Marketing Elevates ‘Elite’ Fitness Entrepreneurs to the Top

Barbell Marketing is the genius behind the success of the leading fitness entrepreneurs in their niches. The company has a proven track record of building its clients into earning the #1 spot in their field and becoming undisputed competitors in their industries.

Adam Karmi and Kateryna Bashkivska founded Barbell Marketing. Before building the company, Adam had worked with some of the top-tier fitness coaches in the industry today. He realized that although they were aiming toward one goal, they were divided because some were more effective than others. To echo Adam’s words, the difference is that “great coaches realised that investing in themselves continuously would help them help more people get life-changing results.”

Kate and Adam noticed that trainers who did not focus on their growth and looked for shortcuts to serve more clients end up compromising quality. Great coaches focus on what matters and chase after tangible transformations. Upon realizing the need for a support system to help coaches achieve their fullest potential, Adam pursued building Barbell Marketing to take fitness entrepreneurs away from the business side of their ventures and focus on enhancing their skills to help more people.

The fitness industry today is heavily saturated. It’s becoming more difficult for the public to determine the talented and quality elite coaches, gyms, and brands from their mediocre competition. Barbell Marketing strives to bring the finest among the pack to the top so the market can easily spot the trustworthy from the unreliable, especially in an era where insincere coaches utilize bots and fake followers to lift their status across social media platforms.

Barbell Marketing specializes in a wide range of services. The company is effective in lead generation, paid advertising, social media growth, branding and much more. Over the years, Adam and his team have translated their campaigns to exponential results and unimaginable success. The company removes bottlenecks for its clients and paves the way for explosive business growth.

Barbell Marketing is trusted by the most prominent personalities in the fitness industry, including Juggy Sidhu, UK’s number 1 Indian body coach, bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler, and the award-winning fitness establishment, Ultimate Fitness Birmingham. The company has also helped the UK’s number one fitness photographer, Chris Bailey, Midlands trainer of the year, Zac Fotheringham, and professional boxer, and MTV the Challenge contestant, Idris Virgo.

“Unlike other agencies that stop at generating the leads, we help fitness entrepreneurs through all the stages from awareness to lead generation, closing the sale, and even retaining the client, member, or customer,” said Kate. Barbell Marketing implores an extensively hands-on approach in their campaigns and strategies, ensuring that clients can feel guaranteed in achieving success.

Furthermore, as they continue to strengthen businesses and entrepreneurs, Barbell Marketing envisions impacting the lives of one million people by continually boosting the narrative of honest and hard-working fitness entrepreneurs in every platform available. One project after another, Adam and his team of industry experts help the entire fitness community regain the trust of the public by amplifying quality, dedication, and authenticity above anything else.

To learn more about Barbell Marketing, visit its website.




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