Ashley Ann Jones: The Jill of All Trades for the Digital Age

Not Your Typical Influencer

Ashley Ann Jones is different. In the ever-growing world of online influencers and social media gurus, Ashley Ann knew she had to find her niche, and that is exactly what she has done for herself and thousands of others under the online alias @KingAshleyAnn. A renaissance woman for the digital age, Ashley Ann is a wedding and event designer, a business builder, a public speaker and a social media strategist who has helped tens of thousands of individuals across the United States grow their business, monetize their social media, increase their online footprint, and achieve their desired outcomes. “I help small business owners, individuals, and those aspiring to start business make money and sales with Facebook, Instagram, and Live Stream accounts,” Ashley Ann explains. “I show them the process of building sustainable income without a large following and even no product.”

Finding Her Place

To prove herself in the saturated market of online business strategists, Ashley Ann came with receipts. “When you are young sometimes people don’t think you know what you are talking about,” Ashley Ann explains. “So I had to work pretty hard to get people to take me seriously. My results got them to listen.” With them listening, her results had plenty to say: seven-figure Facebook and Instagram accounts, over 11,000 clients monetizing social media, over 600 clients with six-figure incomes, and 146 clients earning $1,000,000+ per year. What started with $125 and a laptop had grown into an empire.

Overcoming Obstacles

Ashley Ann’s business beginning saw the deck stacked against her. “I went through what I call my bankruptcy period,” she recalls. “My health was trash, I was surrounded by frenemies, I felt like I was trapped inside of a physically abusive marriage, and I was extremely depressed.” But Ashley Ann persevered, changed her mindset, and overcame those internal and external obstacles. “I learned that accountability and ridding yourself of being a victim is liberating and the key to creating the life you want,” she explains. “If you make the decision to acknowledge the part you play in things that happen to you instead of being so focused on what others do to you, you can redirect energy, stop repeating cycles, and literally tap into your power and create the life you want.”

Giving Back

Even with those hurdles cleared, Ashley Ann remains devoted to helping others overcome their own obstacles. She has offered free community financial literacy training for more than a decade, has given out over $250,000 in scholarships and in direct service projects to the community, has donated over 50 laptops, and helped secure more than $20 million in funding for black business owners, helping people prosper in a pandemic all while making sure her nails are done. “I gotta keep those fly,” she adds.



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