Alberto’s Angels Teams Up with TobiasEats to Raise Thousands Through Fundraising Events

Herbert Christopher Tobias, the Hispanic entrepreneur behind TobiasEats, has a mission to place restaurants and food trucks in the spotlight. His show on Apple TV gets thousands of viewers passionate about discovering new brands for themselves; it’s not just ordinary footage or cooking sessions but entertainment with some educational bits thrown into their programming. In addition, TobiasEats shines a light on the operations of these establishments by showcasing their staff, menu and other details with high-end recording equipment. The show also uses experienced videographers who handle all production throughout this fun yet informative series!

In addition to being a CEO at Yummy Media Group (a group that specializes in cinematography), Tobias has over ten years of experience as an entrepreneur working tirelessly towards making our world better one step at a time through food photography/videography or simply just starting conversations about what we can do differently near immediate change.

Alberto’s Angels is a non-profit group whose mission is to provide hope for children with cancer and blood disorders through fundraising and event planning. It is founded by Alberto Torres, a childhood cancer survivor himself, who understands firsthand the importance of giving back the one thing that was once given to him in order to survive: Hope.

Through a partnership with TobiasEats, The Jersey Shore’s Premiere Food Guru and Yummy Media Group CEO, the community is growing, and Alberto’s Angels have reached new heights with the help of TobiasEats. The connection between these two organizations will allow for more events to be organized to raise funds for charity, bringing awareness about important issues facing our society today, such as hunger or homelessness.

Although their paths never crossed until the beginning of 2021, Alberto had already been an admirer of everything Tobias was doing in helping local businesses stay afloat during the pandemic. He felt they both shared a passion for giving back and providing hope to others who needed it. So by a chance encounter, Alberto introduced himself to Tobias and shared his story, and the two formed a bond immediately. And they went right to work! As part of their past collaborative efforts and giving back to society, the partnership participated in events such as “The Food Trucks In The Fall” event at The Oak Tree Lodge in Wall, NJ, to benefit Camp Happy Times for children with blood disorders, where they were sponsored by Angry Dad Brewing. Another major charity event was “A Night Out Party at Jack’s Goal Line Stand” in Long Branch, NJ, to benefit The Valerie Fund and kids fighting cancer, as well as a Breast Cancer Fundraiser at Asbury Ale House in Asbury Park with Jerzey Jungle Juice as the primary sponsor.

No doubt, with the Jersey Shore crowd at the center of the organization’s focus, the plan is “To continue to hit establishments throughout the Jersey Shore to build partnerships to create fun and exciting events for various charities.”

In his motivation, “Giving back has always been important to me as well as my family. As a survivor, I always felt paying it forward was the best way to honor those who gave to me during my fight.” Alberto shared. “Once I realized I had the support, I decided to get more physically and emotionally invested in fundraising and event planning. I began to find and fulfill my purpose.” He added.

Learn more about the partnership between Tobias and Alberto via Tobiaseats and Albertosangel.




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