Air Force Veteran Adam Vaughan on Increasing Visibility for the Marginalized and Underrepresented Communities Through Travel-Focused Platform

Kendal Mcgurie
3 min readJun 6, 2022

An innumerable combination of factors can serve as the primary impetus behind a go-getter’s drive to go all-out in their efforts. Some are motivated by the appealing vision of a financially secure future, while others barrel through any barriers hindering them from success in order to make a difference. Air Force veteran Adam Vaughan, a rising name in the travel industry, is currently going the extra mile to give people a glimpse of where he has been and what he has seen to allow his audience to witness the world through his eyes. Above anything else, the purpose-driven personality hopes to raise awareness of the lived experiences of marginalized and underrepresented communities as well as enlighten Western viewers of lifestyles and cultures distinct from their own.

Originally hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, Adam Vaughan did not initially set out to explore every corner of the world. As a child, his focus was on playing baseball, and his attention was on following the gameplay of his favorite football stars. Ultimately, it would take entering the Air Force to ignite the desire to travel and learn about different cultures.

For many of the jet setters of the past and present, traveling serves as an opportunity to leave worries behind and refuel. But, in the case of Adam Vaughan, stepping foot on another country’s soil was a chance to not only gain a deeper understanding of the plight of others but also empathize with their realities. “Throughout all my deployments to the worst areas in the world, I grew an appreciation for individuals and families who had far less, those that were affected, and those that had nothing like we had,” shared the passion-fueled blogger.

From Singapore and Malaysia to Ireland and Germany, Adam Vaughan managed to visit tens of countries and the list expanded through his work as the Global Operations Manager of Meta. He also developed a deep-seated passion for championing human rights through this new role. A firm believer that essential human rights should be afforded to people from all walks of life, regardless of gender, age, and sexuality, he now pours extensive effort into educating corporate environments and workplaces on the importance of diversity and inclusion.

At present time, Adam Vaughan operates under the overarching goal of building a brand that focuses on inspiring more individuals to travel and maneuvering them in the direction of the best places to see as well as on opening people’s eyes to the beauty of diversity. By providing a historical context to his social media posts and sharing the emotions that rose to the fore in each of his visits, he also hopes to paint countries and cultures as more than just destinations.

In the years to come, Adam Vaughan plans to continue capitalizing on his over two decades of experience in traveling the world to give recommendations, curate experiences, and emerge as an ambassador and influencer for travel. Above anything else, he intends to be a loud voice advocating for diversity and inclusion.