A Year After Rapper $peeeezy denies Bentley Records Renewal Contract

It’s been 1 year since East Coast rapper $peeeezy declined Bentley Records renewal contract. $peeeezy has been more successful as an artist doing the independent route. So far he’s released 4 singles in 2022 alone. Last year he released a 23 track album independently with a feature from Mike Jones. $peeeezy said he could put an album out next week if he had the time to do so. Being a father to a 3 year old & forever father of the year his priorities are nestled well known. His fans are eager to hear what’s next after his last release In And Out. $peeeezy proves in this song he can do more than rap his flow matches the beat phenomally. His songwriting is so well thought out which I noticed in every song. More Dolla Sign Peeeezy $peeeezy music is coming soon!




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Kendal Mcgurie

Kendal Mcgurie

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