21-Year-Old Global Changemaker, Brian Femminella, is on a Mission to Help Others through Technology and His Voice.

Mental health is a heavily-touted topic globally and many mental health advocates have lent their voices and put in work to speak for those battling with their mental health. Brian Femminella, as an army soldier who witnessed first-hand how one of his friends in the army lost nearly all his memory, is one of those mental health advocates playing their parts in fixing the problem. He also struggled with anxiety for a great part of his life and now lives in the resolve that nobody should deal with such problems or deal with it all by themselves without help.

To play his part in helping people with mental health struggles, he co-founded SoundMind, an application that helps people battling mental health issues through data and sound. The app helps offer solutions to the debilitating effects of mental health concerns. As a young tech entrepreneur, cybersecurity expert and mental health advocate, Brian Femminella hopes to see a better world where people can face their struggles and be confident that they are not alone.

SoundMind came to life from Brian Femminella dedicating his time and efforts to studying different ways people struggling with PTSD and other forms of trauma can receive help. He discovered that he could play a part in helping them and thus, got to work on building SoundMind with his co-founder. “We draw confidence in our grit and determination. Also, being young puts us in a better position to understand what people are going through in their lives and our inexperience is the perfect source of inspiration to bring communities together,” Brian said.

While SoundMind is a direct product of dealing with mental health challenges, Brian Femminella stands out by creating a life-changing product out of his personal struggles. Rather than stay down, he decided to take action and push himself to find a solution to the existing problem. Now, he’s at the helm of a service that can potentially help millions of people worldwide with plans to expand the service to cover more areas.

SoundMind is just a part of who Brian Femminella truly is, where service is and always will be at his core. As mental health continues to take center stage, Brian Femminella hopes to keep propagating the message around mental health and work on projects that help everyone struggling with one challenge or the other.

In spring 2022, Brian will take the TEDx stage with his colleague and trusted friend Lucy Schafer to discuss the power of research and social impact. Lucy and Brian hope that they can share the power of research and impact millions of people with their vision to change the status quo over the next few years in the social impact space.

Brian Femminella is also a social and political activist with hopes to become one of the loudest voices in the LGBTQIA+ community. He has volunteered to serve in various capacities to fight for LGBTQIA+ rights and with his commitment to service, he stays right in the mix and balances his position to change the world in the way he can. “I’m aware that there are millions of people who are just like me and maybe are too afraid to stand up for what they believe in,” Brian shared. “Due to this, I choose to stand up for what is needed and what is right and work in both the political atmosphere and entrepreneurial space.”

Learn more about Brian Femminella and the SoundMind app on his official website.




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