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Athleticism and fitness go hand-in-hand; most of the time, people cannot have one without the other. It takes proper skill and fitness to succeed in the field of sports. Milica Todovic further proves that point by being a celebrated athlete who has garnered many titles and achievements throughout her sports career. In the same vein, she also shares her fitness secrets to her clients as a fitness coach who has assisted over a thousand satisfied customers and counting.

Originally trained by her father at three years old, Milica Todovic has been exposed to a variety of sports at a young age. Her father is a 5th-degree black belt who has been a major inspiration for her lasting success. Without his guidance, Milica wouldn’t be who she is today. Now, with most of her early sports experience stemming from her father’s teachings, she has made a name for herself by becoming a three-time world champion in karate. …

Kendal Mcgurie

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